Career Assessment —– Russell Doré, Ed.D.

Russell Doré, Ed.D.

Career decisions can be difficult and stressful for both clients and client families.  A professional career assessment can be very helpful in making the best career decisions and in reducing the stress of these decisions.  I provide a career assessment to assist clients and their counselors in working on career issues.

My career assessment utilizes the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey.  After the client completes the inventory and returns it to me, I send it for computer scoring.  I then meet with the client and his or her counselor for a 1-hour session to review the results.  The client receives a 13-page report which consists of 2 sections.

The first section, Orientations and Basic scales, reports the client’s interests and skills in 7 general categories and 29 sub-categories.

The second section, the Occupational Scales, compares the client’s interest patterns to those in people in 60 specific occupations.  It indicates the degree of similarity of the client’s patterns to those of people who are successful and satisfied in those occupations.  The occupations are grouped into the 7 categories and give the client and counselor objective data on the client’s fit for various types of occupations

I interpret the results based on more than 20 years’ experience in career counseling and development.  I help the client and counselor brainstorm possible career directions and career development possibilities.  clients come away with a much better feeling of career plans which have a strong possibility of leading them to successful and satisfying jobs.





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