Client Testimonials

Lasting Change

“Words truly can’t describe the feelings I have about PCS, so I tried my best. I was referred to PCS in 2009 by a trusted friend and still consult with them today.  I knew after our first free initial consultation that this office knew what they were doing.  I truly believe this team of doctors, social workers and experts has the experience to help anybody through difficult times in their life, or even those who just want improvement/life coaching.  I’ve consulted them on various scenarios in my life including:

  • Regaining strength and trust after a bad break up, financial ruin and court cases with the ex
  • Stress Management, feeling empowered and less anxious while being stalked
  • Figuring out issues with my childhood and how that affect me today, learning to break a cycle of bad habits
  • Death of loved ones
  • Consulting them on business matters, team building & money decisions
  • Are the new boyfriend and I compatible for a successful marriage?
  • Pre-marriage counseling
  • On going Life coaching (because I feel better every time I leave their office)

PCS has been there for me during the worst and the best times of my life.  They have helped me become a better version of myself.  From victim, anxious, depressed and scared to independent, confident, happy and able to trust again.  They give practical real world advice, effective tools to find solutions, emotional support and helped me achieve many “Ah ha moments”

I will be forever grateful for their positive impact on my life.  I refer friends, family and people I know and care about to them because I trust them. ” – A.P.



“It is an amazing gift to receive hope. When our family experienced a mental health crisis, Dr. John and the team of PCS provided strength through skill, kindness, compassion, wisdom, and availability. The care we have received has been astounding. We are certain we would not have successfully moved into greater health and stronger relationships without the guidance from this team.” – C. Z.



“Our experience as a family at PCS has been very rewarding. What started as one member seeking some guidance then shifted to family counseling. It has challenged us to communicate better with one another and also to listen and support one another as well. Although some moments have been difficult and painful it has yielded a fruit of peace and stability. I would highly encourage anyone to pursue counseling to challenge yourself, change some misconception, and face tomorrow in a healthier, confident, and more joyful manner.” – M.H. 

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