Family Therapy

Senior Couple Therapy

Families are never perfect, but a trained counselor can help in resolving some of the more difficult issues. Often, having an unbiased observer can allow your family to resolve disputes and communicate more effectively when it matters the most.

In most cases, all parties truly want to live and communicate together harmoniously, but do not have the tools to do so. In therapy, our counselors can find a way to understand the situation from everyone’s perspective, help each party effectively communicate their own experience to the rest of the family, and give each family member the tools to work towards a solutions.

While the short term goal of family therapy is usually to resolve specific conflicts, the ultimate goal in the long term is to give families an understanding of their unique strengths and weakness, teach them tools for communicating more effectively and working together harmoniously, and help them reach their goals to function effectively and independently.

You’re welcomed to meet with a family therapist at PCS for a free initial session to discuss goals for family therapy, learn about the strengths that your family can harness to create change, and work towards the happy, healthy family you know you deserve.

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