Future Groups

Group Therapy

Why Groups?

It’s like a Beach Ball: Practicing Forgiveness

Hanging Out The Laundry: A Hopeful, Healthy Approach to Marriage and Relationships

Playing in the Sandbox of Life:  Controlling Anger and Resentment

Layers of an Onion: Peeling Back Your OCD Behaviors

My Child, the Alien: How to Cope with a Middle School Aged Student           

SAT to Prom: Making Sense out of those Stressful High School Years

If You Had a Million Dollars, Would You Give It Away?  Saying No to Sex is OK

Doc, You Forgot the Instruction Manual for My Child:  Surviving the First Year of Parenting

Blended Family: Celebrating and Not Fighting A Mixed Family

Shut Your Umbrella:  Learning to Cope with a Chronic Disease

I Didn’t Have a Choice:  Planting Flowers after An Abortion

Cheerios to Doritos:  Parenting Today’s Under Five Year Old

The Birds, the Bees and ESPN

Taking the Devastation out of Divorce

Life After Loss – When is it OK to Smile Again?

I Am a Caregiver: Who Is Going to Care for Me Now

Retired (or Growing Older). It Beats the Alternative!

Standing Firm on Shaky Ground: Crisis Calling

Bucket List

Letting Go (Different than Giving UP)

Am I Withdrawn or Socially Isolated?

20-20: Getting into Focus

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