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Spring has sprung, and Ward Church and PCS-Counseling are continuing their partnership in providing our community with access to opportunities for personal growth and positive life change. These Interactive Life Coaching groups offer individuals the opportunity to express their concerns, bond with others, and learn new skills to tackle their obstacles and move forward in a positive direction. Spring is the season for renewal, and the perfect time to make positive changes and focus on self-improvement.

Spring sessions begin April 14th, 2015, so call PCS-Counseling (734-542-6969) or Register Online to register soon and reserve your spot!

We are also excited to announce two new offerings in addition to our regular 12 Week groups.

The first, a 6 week group at Ward Church led by Dr. Russ Doré, will explore life for those who are growing older, moving towards retirement, or already retired, entitled Growing Older with Joy. Dr. Doré will help participants explore what this means for them and how to move forward with grace.

Second, PCS-Counseling is excited to announce Converge and Purge, an intensive group therapy experience held at the PCS-Counseling Office for those ready to dive deeper into their difficult issues, with the support of others embarking on their own growth, in a confidential and nurturing environment.

Click Here to See Our Spring 2015 Group Offerings Flier

Click Here to See Our Spring 2015 Group Offerings Flier

Our twelve week groups will be held at Ward Church Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday night, Mirror, Mirror: The Keys to Self Esteem, will be led by Laura Dyas, LBSW, LPC, MA and will focus on helping participants to understand the role of self-esteem in their lives and grow their self esteem to aid them on a daily basis.

Wednesday night, Superman Syndrome: Caregivers, Perfectionists, and Taking on Too Much, will be led by  Laura Dyas, LBSW, LPC, MA and will help perfectionists, caregivers, and anyone who takes on too many responsibilities to take a step back, reassess, and find ways of being more effective with their time and energy to reduce stress and enhance happiness.

Thursday night, Lose the Weight: Letting Go of Negative Emotions, facilitated by Matthew Swartz, LLMSW, will pick up where Pastor Scott McKee and Dr. John left off by examining the impact of negative emotions on our lives, working to understand these emotion and thinking patterns, and replacing them with more positive emotions to help us reach our goals and build our ideal lives.

Visit our Group Information Page or the individual group pages for more specific details and session breakdowns. If you’re ready to sign up, visit our Group Registration Page to secure your spot: Groups begin April 14th, so don’t delay!

While these groups are held in partnership with Ward Church, one need not be a member of Ward, nor a client at PCS-Counseling, to participate. These groups are conducted from a secular perspective, and focus on giving participants tools to make changes and the forum to receive acceptance and helpful feedback. While individuals are encouraged to attend the entire series, each session can serve as a standalone for those unable to make the long term commitment.

We are excited to be able to provide these essential personal growth services to our community, and intend to continue groups throughout the year to come. If you have questions about what life coaching groups are, please see the Why Groups? page. If you have any further questions, feel free to give PCS-Counseling or Ward Church a call to discuss them.

We look forward to seeing you in group soon as we work together to help you build your ideal life!


The PCS-Counseling Team

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