Thursday: Lose the Weight of Negative Emotions

Lose The Weight: Letting Go of Negative Emotions



Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 PM, Ward Church, Room A107


Facilitator: Matthew Swartz, LLMSW


Do you deeply desire true happiness and constantly strive for it, but feel like something is holding you back from reaching it? Picking up where Pastor Scott McKee and Dr. John left off in the series entitled “Lose the Weight.” This group will work to help participants understand and address their negative emotions. In addition, the group will help individuals to unearth patterns of thinking that are keeping them weighted down and preventing them from moving forward and achieving their goals. This group will explore specific patterns of negative emotions and thinking, how they are created for different individuals, and how to address them in order to move forward in life. This group will empower members to begin a new chapter in their lives where they are free to grow and flourish after finally shedding the weight that was holding them back. By leaving the old weight of our negative emotions and past behind, we can move forward together in pursuit of the lives we’ve always wanted.

Due to the personal and intimate nature of this class, the topics to be covered will depend on the makeup and needs of the specific groups members. Based on the week and the issues individuals are facing in their lives, the group will focus on specific negative emotions and patterns of thinking that are weighing group members down. We will also be joined by special guests who will provide valuable insight throughout the process, including Pastor Scott and Dr. John.

Topics will include but are not limited to: The weight of negative emotions and thinking; the weight of worry; the weight of anxiety; the weight of shame; the weight of guilt; the weight of sadness; the weight of loneliness; the weight of wanting more; the weight of resentment; the weight of anger; the weight of jealousy; and the weight of the past. These negative emotions will be replaced with positive emotions and thinking including: building bravery and confidence; growing self-esteem; inviting acceptance and flexibility; living in excitement; concentrating on happiness and joy; focusing on the present and the future; practicing gratitude; and bringing love and compassion to the center of our lives.


Starting Date: Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Ending Date: Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: Ward Church, Room A107


Please Visit Our Registration Page, call PCS-Counseling at 734-542-6969, or Care Ministries at Ward Church at 248-374-5904 with any questions or to register.

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