Grow Your BLUE!

Grow Your Blue:

A Journey To Personal Growth and Transformation

Dates & Times: Saturdays, 11:00am – 4:00pm May 13th, 20th, and June 3rd

Instructor: Matt Swartz, LMSW

Tuition: $250


Grow Your Blue is a transformational workshop that utilizes PCS’s revolutionary Behavior Styles Profile as a map for personal growth and life transformation.  In the BSP, “Blue” is the color that signifies awareness, growth, and the ability to choose your emotional state.

In this life-changing seminar, you will learn how to grow and cultivate your awareness, guide your thinking, chose your emotional states, enhance your self-esteem, and build a life focused on proactive action. You will be guided through a deep personal metamorphosis, designed to help you find your value, utilize the strengths you have been given, and begin to design a proactive life that provides the deep fulfillment we all seek. 

Session 1: Discovering Awareness, Mindfulness and Beliefs for Growth and Transformation

Session 2: Understanding Self-Image and Values to Take Hold of Your Thinking

Session 3: Harnessing Emotions to Create Fulfilling Goals and Habits


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