Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

As a young person growing to become an adult, there are a whole host of unique challenges that can present themselves. For many, it can be difficult to discuss these concerns with a parent, even if there is an otherwise excellent relationship. More importantly, if the relationship is strained, the adolescent needs a safe space to process their changes, gain advice, and work to repair any relationships. As adolescents work to come into their own identity, it can be extremely helpful to have a counselor who will accept them for who they are no matter what the problem they are facing.

At the center of this should be the adolescent’s desire to make changes in their lives. Our experts at PCS-Counseling will assist adolescent clients in working to make sense of this confusing stage in life, work to understand their unique experiences, and help adolescent clients to gain the skills needed to achieve their goals.

Adolescence and young adulthood is also a time when mental health concerns begin to arise in greater number and higher intensity. Many parents and adolescents themselves can become extremely confused with how to handle these issues, and a trained mental health professional can often be the difference between life going off the rails and finding a way to cope with these issues and make positive steps forward.

Our office has experience and skill dealing with many adolescent issues, including depression, anxiety, trouble in school, behavioral issues, ADHD, relationship issues, family issues, substance use issues, anger management, LGBTQ/sexual and gender identity concerns, interpersonal skills, trauma, and self-esteem issues.

Call today for yourself or your adolescent family member. At PCS, adolescents will find the help they need so that they can move forward on their journey to adulthood.

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