How to Find the Right Therapist

How to Find the Right Therapist for You:

A Guide to Help You Make a Perfect Match

Finding the right therapist can seem difficult, but PCS-Counseling has developed this list to summarize how to find your perfect match with a Therapist.

What are you looking for that you are not getting from friends and family? How do you know when you have found an incredibly stellar Therapist that is the best match for you? Below you’ll find the 7 signs to help in identifying the traits needed and wanted in a healthy and productive therapeutic relationship.


  1. You’ll feel a sense of relatability. That the Therapist is interested in who you are and that they are happy to be in same space as you. There will be a warm and inviting atmosphere. A good match in Therapist’s will make you feel heard, like talking with a good friend.
  2. Beyond the sense of relatability there is a sense of professionalism. A good Therapist will abide by a code of ethics in confidentiality and will maintain healthy boundaries. These boundaries will allow you to feel safe and secure.
  3. A good Therapist will work with you to establish therapy goals. Often you go to a Therapist because you know what hurts but not what to do about the problem. The Therapist is there to help you take a vague complaint and help’s you redefine, and explore the issue in many ways. The goal in the end is for the Therapist to gently help you leave therapy and gain a sense of closure.
  4. You will feel empowered when you are working with a good Therapist. A good Therapist does not solve your problems for you but assists in providing insight and offering new ways of looking at the situation.
  5. You know you are with a good Therapist when their approach is customized to meet your needs. The primary purpose is that you are to grow and change in ways that allow you to become more effective in the way you think and act.
  6. It is common to have moments where you feel critical about your therapeutic experience. A good Therapist will make the first move to initiate feedback and offer support. In having a safe and secure connection with the Therapist you will be able to discuss unpleasant feelings. The ability for the client to speak up is a sign of a progress and a healthy relationship with the Therapist.
  7. You will also want to be with a Therapist that has good credentials. The two added factors to consider are: 1) Does the Therapist have special expertise in your area of concern? 2) Has the Therapist been therapy for themselves? This offers a sensitivity to what it is like on your side of the fence.

PCS-Counseling offers a free Initial Session to help you make sure we match you with the right therapist for you. Call PCS-Counseling now to schedule your free initial session to begin your growth journey – (734-542-6969)

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