Interactive BSP Workshops

Interactive BSP Workshops are a great way to learn more about YOU and those AROUND you! The great thing about the Behavioral Styles Profile (BSP) is that you can truly be whoever you want to be! This is done by strengthening the actions we like about ourselves and learning to change those we don’t. 

How it works:

  1. Select the BSP workshop from the top Menu you would like to take, or Call the office to register for the BSP workshop you would like to take
  2. Take the Behavioral Styles Profile before attending the workshop
  3. Attend your workshop and watch your life transform!

We recommend that you start with BSP 101 (Intro to BSP) to gain valuable knowledge about how the Behavioral Styles Profile came to be, what it is, and what it means. BSP 101 is a great foundation to all that the world of BSP offers! We have intermediate and advanced classes for those who have already completed BSP 101. 

Call today for more information, or check out some of our current Interactive BSP Workshop offerings!

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