Joe LaDuke M.Ed., CPCC

For almost twenty years, Joe has instructed, coached, and facilitated in a wide variety of environments. His learning and development experience has taken him from teaching critical reading and writing in secondary education to teaching web design for software companies. He has taught graduate students how to effectively use technology in their classrooms, and he has trained at a martial arts school for nearly two decades and instructed students on the rudiments of karate-do.   All of his experience has been invaluable to his ability to coach well.  From his years of teaching and facilitating, he’s learned the value of a higher level of listening, intuition, curiosity, and motivation.  From almost two decades of martial arts training, he’s lived the benefits of rigor, ritual, and self-discipline.  And from his experience in web development and writing, he’s learned that creativity is a fulfilling way of experiencing and giving back to this world.  Simply put, Joe’s worked in a variety of spaces that have allowed him to discover more about himself and those around him.  As a coach, he wants to provide such a space for each of his clients.  He pulls from many different wells of experience so that every time he speaks with a client, he helps them not only identify their values and goals, but also discover and connect with what empowers them.  In doing so, it is his endeavor that they unearth a more complete version of themselves and live fuller lives.

Throughout all of his experiences so far, Joe has had a number of realizations. One, he is passionate about building relationships with people.  He simply enjoys listening to people who want more out of their lives and having powerful, meaningful conversations.  Two, he equally enjoys motivating and leading people towards their goals. Providing opportunities for people to have those “ah-ha!” kind of moments inspires him and makes for meaningful work in his life.  And three, he loves working in creative spaces, and likewise takes great pleasure in creating these kinds of spaces for others to discover more about themselves.  If there were ever a pathway towards self-improvement, he often likes to think of himself as a signpost.  Coaching is a wonderful vehicle through which he’s been able to do all of these things together at once.


From classrooms to boardrooms to a karate dojo, Joe has worked with people of all kinds of backgrounds.

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