Life Coaching and Team Building

Life Coaching

Lasting Change
A life coach is someone who supports you, motivates you, and holds you accountable to achieving your personal vision for yourself. Whatever it is that you want in your life, they will help you get it. Here at PCS-Counseling, we specialize in life coaching, helping you to challenge you and support you in reaching your full potential.


A life coach helps you get from where you are in life to where you want to go. In contrast with a therapist who deals mostly with the past, a life coach will help you focus mainly on the future. They will help you to:

  • Understand your complex image of yourself and who you want to be
  • Get crystal clear on what you really want in your life
  • Uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your vision for yourself and your life
  • Plan and execute action steps to achieve your vision, while supporting you and keeping you accountable
  • Deal with blocks or obstacles that get in the way, by helping you to understand them and work through them
  • Work through difficult and important transitions, including finding a new job, working through the end of the relationship, or starting new relationships
  • Live the life that you have always dreamed of


You can think of your life coach at PCS-Counseling as your accountability partner or change facilitator. While we can’t do the work for you, we can help you think through your problems, gain an understanding of them, and create a plan to work through them and accomplish your goals. Give PCS a call, and we’ll begin coaching you to reach your maximum potential today.

Team Building


While individual accomplishment is often thought of as the peak of human experience, the greatest accomplishments and changes were made when groups came together to combine their efforts. A team is a community of individuals, focused on a common goal, who work well together, therefore maximizing their resources for the good of the collective enterprise. The best type of team is composed of members whose skills and knowledge compliment each other, and whose level of motivation and enthusiasm are equal. Unfortunately, the reality is that while most teams have the potential to work together effectively, they have not found a way to harness their collective differences and skills for the most benefit.


That’s where the team at PCS-Counseling can help. With years of team building experience, PCS can help you and your team to understand your individual personalities and skills, harness your strengths and improve your weaknesses, and create a team that works together effectively to create the type of results that could not be attained through individual effort.


PCS offers team personality testing that will break down each of your team members individual strengths and weaknesses, enabling your team to begin understanding each other in deeper ways and working to find common ground, areas of growth, and ways to support each other. Call today to begin harnessing the true potential of your team.

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