Video for “Losing the Weight of Shame” Sermon at Ward Church with Dr. John Mlinarcik and Pastor Scott McKee

We are excited to bring to you the full version of Dr. John Mlinarcik presenting on “Losing the Weight of Shame” from Senior Pastor Scott McKee’s sermon at Ward Church on January 18th, 2015.

Watch through the sermon to hear Dr. John’s research on shame regarding what shame is, how it is different from guilt, the damage it can do in our lives, and how to begin working through shame to leave it behind.

In addition, below are the results from all the polling data we collected on shame within the Ward Church congregation. Though everyone’s shame can look different, identifying the way shame impacts your life can begin to motivate you to make a change and confront your shame.


If something in this video resonated in you and you want to begin working to lose the weight of shame in your life, give PCS-Counseling a call to start your journey. We would be honored to assist in any way possible.

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