Dealing with Anxiety and Stress Amid Coronavirus

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Studies have shown that emotional health and stress either damage or boost our immune system and our ability to fight infections. Knowing ways to deal with anxiety and stress amid Coronavirus can be beneficial on a personal and professional level.

Three Main Fears – That Trigger Emotions

Anxiety & stress are rooted in interpreting events as dangerous. So, it all starts with being AWARE of the negative patterns of thoughts, emotions, and resulting behavior, that are triggered by three main fears:

Fear of Uncertainty


Fear of uncertainty leads to controlling behavior and even anger. If we don’t feel and process the anger triggered by uncertainty, it can result in blame and aggression. Patterns we are currently familiar with, include fighting with a loved one or blaming politicians on Facebook.

Fear of Disconnection


We are a social society that is currently being forced to separate, which is triggering the fear of disconnection. This fear can often lead to people-pleasing behavior, which can often result in guilt. If we don’t process guilt with someone, it can turn into shame and low self-esteem.

Fear of Change


The fear of change is something that we are all familiar with. When faced with change, many of us initially fall into avoidance behavior, which can trigger sadness. If we don’t release the sadness, it becomes despair. Familiar patterns include retreating into our phones or at its worst, depression.

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Feel Through Your Emotions and Your Shift Patterns

Now most of us weren’t taught to do this but you need to Feel Through These Emotions. By processing emotions, we can shift our behavior patterns with tangible things available, today. Here are a few healthy patterns we recommend:

  • Movement: 10-15 minutes of light exercise that can be done while at home, such as, walking/running, biking, or yoga. 
  • Connection: Reach out to one person outside of the home each or every other day to share kindness and love.
  • Gratitude: Starting the day thinking of or writing down 3-5 things or sharing them at dinner with family.
  • Stillness: 10-15 minutes of prayer, meditation, contemplation, or breathing.
  • Creativity: Art, music, writing, a hobby, or a home or work project.
  • Self-Soothing with the 5 Senses: Having a comfortable environment that engages the 5 senses.  This involves using music, scents, lighting, temperature, and other factors to create a self-soothing atmosphere.

The Impact of Too Much News & Social Media Consumption

There is a plethora of content to be consumed and most of us have more time in which to consume it. The result is an overload of news and social media consumption that causes MUCH more stress and anxiety than it does pleasure. 

Stress occurs when there’s too much information coming in and not enough time to process it, which damages our brains and bodies. We recommend reducing your screen time, your news time and increasing your time to decompress, connect, and doing something to make a meaningful contribution during this difficult time. This is a time to take a step back, heal, and make positive changes in our lives that will last.


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