Peacefully Living in Isolation with Others

Peacefully Living in Isolation with Others

Living through a pandemic is both psychologically and physically trying, especially if you’re among those who’ve lost their source of income. As such, we must learn how to stay emotionally and physically healthy while self-isolating at home with our families and other loved ones.

CDC resources recommend:

  • Limiting outdoor errands,
  • Not letting vulnerable household members who are over 65 years or have serious medical conditions care for children,
  • Separating any household members who are sick.

While these resources focus on keeping people physically safe, they don’t provide for the emotional aspects of coping with a pandemic, especially for parents and others living with people in close quarters. To assist, we’ve put together some strategies below for parenting in close quarters and living peacefully with others. 

Feel Through Your Emotions

Having your life suddenly turned upside down by a strange virus can cause an onset of negative emotions. The Coronavirus has stopped people from seeing friends, earning a living, or even taking a walk in some cases. Feeling through your emotions brings understanding to yourself and those around you.

Avoiding the processing of your emotions can bring about negative behaviors, such as: 

  • Constantly fretting about you’re the health of you and your loved ones.
  • Trouble sleeping, concentrating, or eating.
  • Worsening pre-existing health problems, including mental conditions. 
  • Increase alcohol or drug abuse.

More serious on-going effects could also include depression, anxiety, or an urge to harm yourself or others. 

You deserve the best possible chance of reducing stress and anxiety. The first important step is learning how to take note of negative emotions and process them healthily.

Helpful steps for processing emotions include:

  • Acknowledge what you’re feeling and understand it.
  • Think about healthy ways to make yourself feel better.
  • Get professional help and support if needed.

Talking to a loved one is usually helpful, but if such self-care during coronavirus isn’t possible or enough, talk to us. PCS-Counseling offers individual and family counseling and support to help people through trying times. We offer virtual therapy sessions to ensure the health and safety of all patients and Clinicians.

Expect Friction

We love spending time with those that are special to us. But being with our loved ones for unusually long periods can sometimes become too much of a good thing. Many relationships during coronavirus are being put under stress and it has led to conflicts that most never expected.

Prepare yourself by expecting friction. By expecting it, you are better prepared to handle and diffuse the situation. According to another CDC resource, healthy ways to ease stress and tension in the home include:

  • Taking deep breaths and time to meditate.
  • Giving yourself the most restful night’s sleep possible.
  • Making time to exercise.
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs.
  • Trying to do more activities that you enjoy.
  • Talking about your concerns and how you are feeling to people you like and trust.

Another useful tip is being a role model and leading by example. By taking the time to do this, you’ll have less time to dwell on negative thoughts and feelings.

Alone time for mindfulness.

Allow & Respect Privacy & Alone Time

Parenting during coronavirus is no easy task, especially if there are a lot of people in a confined space. But it’s not unmanageable. Take steps to consciously respect the privacy and alone time of others and teach your cohabitants to do the same for you.

Letting your kids and other members of your household have privacy and alone time allows them to do their own thing and recharge. Without alone time to recharge, people can start to feel on edge, which can lead to conflict. It’s especially important for teenagers, but don’t neglect setting aside some private alone time for you, too.


Therapy & Counseling at PCS-Counseling | Where Growth Lives

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, or keeping the peace at home, don’t hesitate to contact PCS-Counseling for counseling or therapy from a professional therapist in Northville, MI.

We encourage you to schedule a virtual therapy appointment or contact us today to speak with an intake specialist.

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