How To Talk So They Will Listen Made an Impact on Parents and Teens at Ward Church

Matt Present

PCS-Counseling is proud to announce the ssuccess of its recent seminar for teens and parents, “How To Talk So They Will Listen”, which was conducted in partnership with Ward Church High School program EPIC. Presenters Laura Dyas, LBSW, LPC, MA and Matt Swartz, LLMSW, led parents in teens in examining their family relationships, learning communication skills, and making commitments to positive change in their relationships and households.


laura2The seminar began by dividing parents and teens into separate groups for more effective conversation. Matt helped the teens to improve their ability to have effective conversations with their parents, helping them to empathize with their parents, keep the relationships strong, and get what they want out of interactions more often.  Teens were given a chance to take examples from their real life where communication was a problem, and Matt walked the teens through assisting each other in finding new ways of dealing with these conversations. Teens walked away with tangible skills for talking with their parents, a sense that these conversations could be successful, and the ability to problem solve for future discussions.



Meanwhile, Laura walked parents through discussing their issues at home and finding solutions to the problems they were encountering with their families. Laura taught parents effective communication skills for dealing with teens, and parents were able to discuss their specific problems and work to find solutions together that were positive and allowed for future growth in the relationship with their teens.


laura1The seminar concluded by inviting parents and teens to rejoin in one room and discuss what they had both learned separately. The families were then able to discuss what they would like to change in their family relationships, especially where communication is concerned. A commitment ceremony was conducted, allowing families to voice to each other the changes they were going to make going forward and how they were going to do that. Their commitments were sealed by lighting a candle that the families could keep, reminding them of their promises to improve communication in their relationships.


In all, seeing teens and parents learn skills that allowed them to improve the relationships was an amazing gift. PCS-Counseling is grateful to Ward Church for their continued partnership and the ability to offer these important services to our community.


Stay tuned for future seminars and groups from PCS-Counseling. If you’re interested in making changes in the New Year, be sure to check out our 2015 Interactive Life Coaching Groups on Breaking Bad Habits, Anxiety, and Communication in Relationships. Also, don’t miss Dr. John share the pulpit with Senior Pastor Scott McKee in “Losing the Weight of Shame” this Sunday, January 18th.

If you or a loved one are looking to connect with services, or your family is looking to improve its communication skills, call PCS-Counseling to begin making the changes you have been hoping for.

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